How to Become a Data Analyst in 2022

Business today has turned out to be highly calculative and analytical. Data analytics is one of those key sections where analysts process data from different sources to make key decisions for the company. 


For example, if you are a manufacturing company, you need to collect data on competitive pricing, customer preferences, and other key areas.


After raw data is collected, the data analysts process them so that different observations are made, and decisions are taken.


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For your deeper understanding n this article, we will be discussing key requisites to becoming a data analyst in the year 2022.

What Is Data Analytics? 

Data analytics is the process in which insights are drawn from the raw data available. This processing of raw data is used to make key decisions.


This insight can be your business information, product information, and market trends. Then, core business decisions are taken using the processed data.

Responsibilities Of Data Analyst

Data analyst designation is associated with a bunch of responsibilities. Let’s find out the roles and responsibilities that a data analyst has to play.

1. Understand The Roles And Responsibilities 

The first and foremost responsibility that data analytics has is understanding the roles and responsibilities of the organization. With the roles and responsibilities, the analyst oversees the raw data. 

2. Qyering

This is one of the core responsibilities that the data analyst must adhere to. They gather, store, and manipulate data from the database like MS SQL Server and Oracle DB and try to understand the data, which is important so far as analysis is concerned.

3. Data Mining 

Data mining is done through different sources. From these sources, new details and information is attained. By doing so, analyze data models to increase the system’s efficiency.

4. Cleansing Of Data

Data that is gathered initially may have missing elements and values. Therefore it turns out to be crucial to cleanse the procured data to make it ready for the purpose of analysis. 

5. Examining Of Data 

Data Analysts use statistical tools, including programming languages, to carry out a logical examination of data. 

6. Interpreting The Trends 

The newly processed data is juxtaposed beside the older data. With this help, the analyst tends to understand the trends and patterns.


This is a highly essential requirement of data analysis. 

7. Preparation Of Summary Reports

Data analysts take the help of data visualization to prepare summary tools. These reports help the core decision-making team make key decisions.

8. Collaborating With Other Teams

Different teams work together in the manufacturing sector, but the underlying objective and goals are the same.


Different departments collaborate under one umbrella. Development teams, data scientists, and management work together. This is initiated by the data analyst.

How To Become A Data Scientist?

Now we come to the most important section of our analysis:

How to become a data scientist?


There are five steps one needs to consider if they want to become a data scientist. 

1. Earning a bachelor’s degree from a reputed university in statistical or analytical sciences.


2. Learning different important analytical skills necessary to perform the responsibility.


3. Considering certification.


4. Grabbing the entry-level job of analyst.


5. Earning a master’s degree in data analytics. 


This means the individual needs to enroll in a good and reputed university offering graduation in Data Analysis, Mathematics, and Statistics. This is the primary requisite. 


After that, it needs to procure the certificate from a university. The individual needs to show the certificate in different job sectors.


Once the certification is done, the individual must try and grab the entry-level analyst job. This serves as the first on-job training level.


When the individual turns out to be a pro, he then needs to try challenging endeavors in life. 

Big brands are waiting for you once your experience portfolio is ready.


One needs to be hardworking and dedicated to becoming a data analyst.


The role of a data analyst is steeped in the challenge, but the return that one gets is highly encouraging.


Therefore, you have quite a good opportunity if you go on to become a data analyst in 2022. 

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