4 Types of Online Casino Bonuses You Can Avail

To draw in more players, many online casino games offer high-paying bonuses and subsequently many promotions to keep the players from leaving the game. If you too are a fan of online gambling games, these are the different types of bonuses you should be aware of. These bonuses are a great way to make some extra money on the side of the actual game.

Match Deposit Bonus

These kinds of bonuses require you to make a minimum deposit upon which the online casino game will give your deposit back up to a certain amount. The percentage up to which a game will match your deposit depends on the casino. Nonetheless, most online gambling games usually offer a hundred percent match deposit bonus if you win. Let us look at an example of a match deposit bonus:

  • You have deposited $200 in two different online casino games.
  • One game offers a 50% match deposit bonus up to $500, giving you back $100.
  • The other game has a 100% match deposit bonus up to $300, qualifying you for a full cashback of $200.

No Deposit Bonus

These kinds of bonuses require you to just sign up and register to the online gambling game upon which you will receive either a cash amount with which you can play or free spins in case of slot games. You can use the bonuses and free spins to accumulate winnings of your own and withdraw them once you have enough. 

For instance, you are left with $20 after meeting the terms and conditions of a deposit deal, you can either cash it out if the game permits or keep playing with it or rack up even more money.

Free Spins

Slot games that cost real money to spin make you risk your funds, similar to actual casino slots. However, free spins give you a chance to play and win real money without actually betting anything. Depending on the type of casino game you are playing, these free spins can be a part of either a standalone bonus or a match bonus. 

If you meet the terms and conditions of the game, like the minimum amount needed to cash out, you can keep the winnings and cash them out. Here is an instance of how free spins work:

  • Suppose an online gambling casino game offers its players a 100% match bonus which is worth up to $400 plus 90 free spins.
  • If you deposit $200 and win, you are now qualified to get back the entirety of your deposit which is $200 as well as 90 free spins on the slot.
  • However, if the game only offers free spins as a standalone bonus, you have a chance of winning numerous free spins but without any accompanying match bonus.



Mobile casino games often offer a percentage of your losses as cashback. These cashbacks are generally issued as a bonus while playing the game. Thus, if a game offers 40% cashback and you lose $300, you are eligible to get back $120.

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