What is the Best Strategy to Clear the UPTET Cut-Off?

To become eligible to apply for teaching jobs in Uttar Pradesh, candidates must clear this cut-off. Candidates with General approval must obtain 90 marks, while those with other approval must achieve 82 marks. Additionally, the Board will publish district-wise cut-offs alongside the results on its official website.

Specifically, you must clear both the overall cut off and the district-wise cut off in order to qualify for this exam. UPTET is an exam for determining eligibility annually that attracts thousands of candidates. In setting the UPTET Cut off, the Board takes into account this large number of applications. It is worth noting that there are other factors that contribute to determining each year’s cut off.

UPTET cut off can be predicted by checking previous years’ results. The following article provides all the information you need in order to achieve your goal.       

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The factors that affect the UPTET Cutoff​ 

Every year, the cut-off is influenced by several factors. The following points will help you to understand the UPTET Cut Off.

Number of Applicants: 

Increasing the number of applicants increases the cut off in both cases. 

Difficulty Level of Examination:

Often, those who take a difficult exam will score low, but those who take a moderately easy exam will score higher. 

Total Number of Vacancies: 

In an organization that releases numerous positions, the cut-off levels are usually low. However, if the vacancies offered are fewer and very specific, the cut-off levels are higher.

UPTET Cut off Marks 2021

For benchmarking your preparation, you should always look at the cut offs for previous years’ UPTET exams. We have provided in the following table the expected UPTET qualifying marks for 2021 as a reference. 

CategoryQualifying Marks/Cut Off  Marks
General/ EWS60% 90
Other Backward Classes (OBC)55% 82.5 
Scheduled Caste (SC) 55% 82.5 
Scheduled Tribe (ST) 55% 82.5 

UPTET Exam: How To Prepare

Our dependence on online study materials is growing. During an epidemic, students are more likely to rely on online classes and online study materials than offline coaching centers. In the meantime, UPTET aspirants may be in a quandary about how to prepare for the UPTET 2021 exam. Online study materials have proved to be helpful for students as they can access everything from the comfort of their homes. Taking the UPTET November exam has become more straightforward. An average candidate can crack the exam by studying 6-7 hours daily for 1 month with a well-planned study schedule. Get BYJU’s Exam Prep app to get the tips and tricks to clear UPTET Cut-off.

Clearing the UPTET Exam—The Detailed Methodology

1. Establish And Stick To A Stable Timetable:

Preparation for any competitive exam should begin with this strategy, as these exams require attention to detail and punctuality. During the preparation period, schedule your study so that you are able to follow it and include short breaks to stay refreshed. Focus on topics that are difficult for you to grasp in a short period of time. Avoid wasting valuable time on things that do not relate to the subjects of the examination. In order to reduce time wastage during the preparation process, you need to learn time management skills.

2. Write short notes:

As you have studied certain topics, you should prepare notes to help you revise. To ease the process of revising during the revision period, you should emphasize the important points, formulae, and formulae. Reading notes from books is less effective than studying notes written by hand.

3. Solving questions from previous years:

You should solve at least the last five years’ previous papers manually, using a time-management technique such as you would use in the final. As a result, you will be able to learn the exam pattern, and you can also assess your own weaknesses in terms of the syllabus. In addition, you’ll be able to score more marks on the examination.

4. Practice Mock Tests and Sample Papers:

Practising UPTET online mock test at BYJU’s Exam Prep offers a number of practice tests you can take. You can improve your problem-solving abilities and your ability to calculate the questions much faster by practicing these mock tests every day.

5. Review UPTET textbooks

An essential pillar of any preparation is selecting the right textbook set. Only when you have thoroughly studied textbooks will you be able to establish the conceptual foundation. In general, you should study one textbook per subject. If your basic concepts are clear, mock tests and practice papers can be helpful. English, Mathematics, and Science textbooks from NCERT & UP education boards are the best for preparing for the UPTET.

6. Remain composed and calm

While preparing for the test and taking it, it is important not to lose your cool. If you meditate for a little while every day, your mind will stay relaxed, and you can even stay focused. Concentrating on the material and comprehending the concepts requires a stress-free approach.

7. Balanced Diet

Since a healthy mind relies on a healthy body, a balanced diet is also very essential. During exam preparation, you should eat a lot of fruits and stay hydrated, as doing so can help you stay fresh and increase your concentration.

Tips for Exam Day:•

 Arrive at the center an hour before the scheduled time

• It is not possible to receive a negative mark for any of the questions.

• It’s best to start with the questions you know, as this will help save time when you’re answering the more challenging ones.

• The night before your exam, get a good night’s sleep.

• When taking the test, try not to panic and stay calm.

Important Points To Be Noted

• On a sheet of OMR, the exam is conducted offline.

• One minute is spent on each of 150 questions in 150 minutes, making it one minute per question. This clearly indicates speed is crucial.• Negative marking is not used.

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