Factors to know about the setup of GTA 5

GTA 5 apk can take you to the world of Grand Theft Auto, a fictional city with a resemblance to California. You will find several adventurous factors in the game in terms of locations and equipment. However, some factors are necessary to know before playing the game. In this article, let us discuss some of these factors in brief. 

Factors to know about the setup of GTA 5

Maps in GTA 5 

Grand Theft Auto is always known for its grand setting. Closely resembling the city of California, the map of GTA 5 is in no way inferior to the previous versions of the game. You will see a lot of beautiful scenery along with the busy streets full of vehicles and stuff. You can consider the map of GTA 5 as a combination of that of GTA 4 and red dead redemption. If you have a perfect device to stream the game with seamless graphics, you can enjoy it a lot. So, you can consider the wide map of GTA 5 as the highlight feature of this version. 

Variety of planes

Usually, there will not be any scarcity for planes in GTA games. So, the fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto also allows its players to have fun with its huge variety of planes. There will be airplanes, helicopters, jets, and everything out there recognizable as vehicles capable of flying. So, if you are interested in gaming with planes, GTA 5 will be your pick. You can find military settings on the map where you can make use of all your military jet collections in the game. It will be fun to do so in a multiplayer game. So, the variety of planes in GTA 5 is an attraction factor for the players. 

No strict restrictions

Although there will be several features for the players in the preceding versions of the game, there will be some restrictions for them to make plans for their missions on their own. Whatever they think, they would have to follow the set rules and actions to complete those missions. However, this strictness is slightly released in GTA 5. Here, the players can find some breathing space to think and use their intuitional strategies to complete the tasks and missions. Although there is no full-fledged freedom, you can feel it better compared to the previous versions. 

High-end customization

If you love to have everything customized in your gaming arena, you can go with GTA 5. The game allows you to customize everything, from cars to clothes if you have money. You need not worry about wearing the same set of tracks and shirts during your missions. If you have the required amount as cash, you can customize your clothing in a lot of funny and stylish ways as you wish. Similarly, you can alter your car’s paint color, wheel style, and several other features with GTA 5. So, you can see various customization facilities in this version than the previous ones. 

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