5 Incredible Truths That Will Help You Achieve Clear Bright Skin

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Stepping out of your house for regular chores or work attracts skin impurities. Many people strive to have glowing skin, but irregularities in pursuing a skincare regime may cause a dull complexion. Diet and lifestyle changes also contribute to tired skin, pigmentation, pimples, acne, and blackheads. Getting clear skin also depends on the skin type.

Everyone’s skin is different. Hormone fluctuations, medications, and the environment can spoil your skin’s radiance. Stress and sleep deficiency can also influence your skin. Excess use of cosmetics can also cause harmful effects on the skin. Open skin pores block skin health and become a ground for dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. You must think and invest in skincare practices to maintain a healthy complexion. Here are some actionable tips to help you achieve bright and clear skin.

1. Include Cannabis Topicals

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Pesky pimples and acne can ruin the skin. They affect not only teenagers but men and women of all ages. Aside from acne, chronic ailments like eczema and rosacea may also affect you. Improper skin hygiene and neglect can set the stage for unhealthy skin.

CBD topicals and THC are having their moment. Their anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants help to calm down skin eruptions and give you more youthful skin. Cannabis is now a growing trend in the beauty world. Local application of cannabis relaxes and soothes skin to dry skin and treats serious skin conditions like atopic dermatitis (AD). Cannabis also helps with skin aging and fights bacterial skin infections.  

Include THC vape in your skincare to help eliminate acne and clear skin. THC vapes are potential anti-aging agents and help reduce skin redness and breakouts.

2. Face Cleanse Twice A Day

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Face cleansing is significant in the body cleansing routine. The face is the most exposed body part as you do regular activities. So, you must be punctual in wiping your face, whether you have dry, combination, or oily skin.

Make it a habit to cleanse your face two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It serves to remove dust and pollution traces. Finding the perfect face cleanser can be overwhelming. Pick one with ingredients matching your skin type and makes your skin look supple and youthful. Use a formula that never strips your skin of natural oils. 

3. Apply A Face Serum

We often overlook this ritual in face care. Most people like to leave it at face cleansing and moisturizing and skip the face serum. Applying a face serum is beneficial. It helps to clear your face pores, reduces skin inflammation, soothes skin irritation, and shields your skin from free radicals and future damage.  

Dab a face serum after you wash your face and before you apply a moisturizer. A perfect serum will have a slightly sticky consistency. But once you put it on your face, it dries quickly. Apply face serum to your damp face to help boost your skin’s hydration.

4. Invest In Quality Sleep

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Not getting 7-8 hours of sleep a day is not only risky for your overall output but also for your skin. Sleep deficiency may trigger skin breakouts more often. Your body rejuvenates during sleep and produces collagen, a protein vital for healthy skin. Getting enough rest makes wrinkles less visible and enables a healthy and glowing complexion.

Make it a point to get adequate sleep for your overall health and skin glow. It will promote happier moods and help you stay healthy and productive. Consider taking brief naps at noontime if you have flexible work hours. Put aromatic candles or slow music in your room to help promote good sleep. Get gel-infused pillows in your bedroom to welcome happy sleep.  

5. Be Gentle On Your Skin

While scrubbing your face for skin exfoliation is a good habit, scrubbing your face too hard may leave your skin rough and red. Our face has the most sensitive skin, so rubbing and scrubbing your face too hard isn’t advisable. Apply harsh face scrubs containing beads moderately to avoid skin irritation and potential breakouts.

Consider your skin type before reaching out for a face scrub. Wash and sanitize your hands to prevent hidden germs from transferring from your hands to your face. Use aloe vera-infused moisturizing face wipes during the day after regular intervals to reduce skin dryness in hot and humid weather. Hair products can cause body acne too. Use a mild body wash after rinsing your hair to help keep acne in check. 

The Bottom Line

Clean your workspace regularly to avoid germs settling on your face. Your phone picks up bacteria from the work table and other places, which can then get transferred to your face when you make a phone call. Wipe your phone and computer screens regularly with an antibacterial wipe for your face’s health. Look for face products with natural skin-boosting ingredients that fight off free radicals. Drink lots of water and take up physical activities for better blood circulation and a healthy glow.

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