Medicare Supplement Plans – Medigap Insurance Plans

Medicare and Medigap insurance are two different programs offered by the federal government. Seniors often pay for out-of- Pocket expenses as well as monthly premiums for both plans. 

The government will cover any costs above the Medicare eligibility limit. While Medicare does provide some coverage for doctor visits, prescription medications and certain hospital stays, it does not provide complete coverage. Some Medigap plans also provide coverage for services like hearing and vision that Medicare doesn’t.

One thing that is similar between Medicare and Medigap plans is that both programs have a wide range of covered services and providers. Both plans provide some coverage for doctor visits and prescription medications. Most Medigap insurance companies also offer some Medicare Supplement Plans 2022, also known as Part D plans. Part D is the name given to Medicare part of the prescription drug coverage.

What is Medicare Part D? It is a prescription drug benefit program. Part D plans were put in place as part of the original medicare program. These additional benefits include the ever-popular eye exams, blood tests, cholesterol tests and other health care treatments. These additional benefits were added as a means to encourage seniors to remain at age 65 or over long enough to qualify for Medicare.

What about Medigap insurance providers? Medicare Part D plans do not always accept all of the same providers. In order to stay within the Medicare coverage guidelines, you may have to select a provider network that doesn’t include some of the services that are covered by your Medicare Part D Medicare policy. 

It’s important to be aware that there are other plans that will pay for some of the services that Medicare does not cover. When choosing a Medigap insurance plan it is best to get quotes from a variety of insurance providers so that you can compare the prices and benefits that each plan provides.

Another type of plan that you may want to consider is a Medigap supplement original medicare plan. These plans are usually supplemental to the original medicare enroll. They may offer additional coverage for particular items that Medicare will not cover. This is considered an affordable way to protect against a catastrophic medical event and may be recommended for senior citizens who need coverage for things like organ transplants and treatments for life threatening diseases.

If you’re already on Medicare and have Medicare Part A,B and C, you may be able to join Medicare Part D, and choose from one of the additional options available. There are many people who have Medicare and do not have prescription coverage for their medications. 

Medigap plans are available to help these people avoid going without necessary medications. Medicare part plans also provide prescription coverage for mental health, sight care, travel insurance, hearing aids and wheelchair coverage. It is important to talk with your Medicare representative to determine which plan will best meet your needs.

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