Best Kid-friendly Cat Breeds

Cats are great pets; they may sleep almost all day (nearly 15 hours in a day), but this doesn’t take away their playful behavior. 

If you have kids, then you may decide to add one cat or two to your household to give the kids a playmate right in the house. While having more than one cat is great, do not fall into the temptation of having too many. You can read this to learn how to avoid having more cats than you need. 

Cats are a great way of instilling great characters like boundaries and responsibilities in your kids. It can also help them experience the joy that comes with bonding with a pet.

However, if you want to add a cat to your household where you have kids, then you have to be sure that the breed you get is known to be kid-friendly. The cat would have to not just be playful and social, but it also has to be patient as kids can be quite touchy. 

Now we know all these, below are some of the best cat breeds that would make a perfect playmate for your children.

1. Bengal

A Bengal is a stunner that will warm its way into your kid’s heart in no time. They have a wildcat appearance with personalities that aptly match their looks. 

They are quite adventurous so they often thrive in environments that allow them to explore where people are often around. Your kid’s favorite pastime may soon be teaching their furry playmatenew tricks.

Basic Information• 

Size: Medium-large.•

 Weight: 10 pounds (average).•

 Personality: Smart and adventurous.

 Maintenance: Low.

2. Abyssinian

Abyssinians are agile and quite strong. They are very playful and don’t mind when others join them in the fun. They are very intelligent and affectionate. They would engage in several activities and this would include them climbing. So, the cat condo you get should be tall if this is the breed you eventually choose. You can visit holistapet to learn more about Abyssinians and their characteristics. 

Basic Information• 

Size: Medium.• 

Weight: Between 8 and 9 pounds.•

Personality: Athletic and Cheerful. • 

Maintenance: Low.

3. Himalayan

If you won’t have the time to care for a Himalayan, then you have no business getting one because trust us, these babies are high-maintenance. 

However, if you are willing to dedicate the time needed to take care of them, you would not regret it because they are absolute sweethearts. They are very affectionate and enjoy aggressive cuddling which makes them a perfect fit for kids who may grip on to them tightly. 

They also ride with any new development quite well. For instance, if your household is expecting a baby, a Himalayan won’t have any qualms riding with the wave. 

Basic Information• 

Size: Medium.•

Weight: 9 pounds (average).• 

Personality: Gentle and affectionate. 

Maintenance: High.

4. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese bobtails are often categorized under the small cats’ category. You can tell from their name that their tails aren’t long. The International Cat Association says that their tails are just like fingerprints; every cat in this breed has a distinct tail. 

They are very eager creatures so you would need a lot of interactive toys for them. 

Basic Information• 

Size: Small •

 Weight: About 8 pounds• 

Personality: Loyal and active• 

Maintenance: Low

5. Manx

This breed has a pom-like tail just like the Japanese bobtail. If you bring this breed into your household, then you should be ready for a little favoritism because these babies always have a favorite.

If you want an ever-present companion for your kid, then this is the breed you want to get. Ensure your kid is responsible for the pet’s treats and food and watch them become peas in one pod. 

Basic Information• 

Size: Medium• 

Weight: About 10 pounds• 

Personality: Loyal and goofy• 

Maintenance: Low

6. Maine Coon

When we talk about large cats, Maine coons may very well be the king. Despite this, they are quite affectionate and can be very great with children. 

However, they are quite independent and don’t mind some alone time. Yet, if they have to play, they don’t mind playing with the kids or even anyone around. 

Basic Information• 

Size: Large• 

Weight: They can grow to about 13 pounds in females and about 20 pounds in male• 

Personality: Smart and sweet• 

Maintenance: Maybe moderate or high

7. Burmese

The Burmese breed is known for how enthusiastic and patient they are around children. They can even get along fine with your cat-friendly dog. Visit to check out this list of cat-friendly dogs. 

These furry babies love all the attention they can get and would hate to be left alone for a long time. 

8. Ragamuffin

They are extremely sweet and have a trusting and calm demeanor. They will love those around them with all their might. However, their love has to be reciprocated. If your kid needs comforting, this may be a perfect choice.


While the breeds mentioned in this article can be very friendly with kids, it is important to know the child’s temperament and behavior before settling on a breed. Some kids may like some alone time where they read in a quiet place while other children want to play constantly. 

Cats also have diverse personalities and sometimes, the friendship may not bloom as quickly as you expected. If this happens, ensure you don’t force them to bond, rather give them time to bond naturally.

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