Do You Know What are the Most Common DUI Penalties in Arizona?

Facing arrest for violating Arizona’s DUI laws can be daunting. Finding a Mesa DUI lawyer in Arizona indicates involvement in a case involving alcohol in your system. Arizona’s stringent DUI laws, a zero-tolerance state, result in substantial penalties and legal consequences for DUI offences regardless of blood alcohol levels. 

The specific DUI penalty varies, with several categories, some more severe than others. Navigating this legal landscape can be complex, emphasizing the importance of seeking help from a DUI attorney available with Mesa DUI Lawyer to understand the charges and potential outcomes when caught under Arizona’s stringent DUI regulations.

Understanding Arizona DUI Laws

The blood-alcohol content (BAC) prescribed is too stringent and is maximum up to 0.08% and there is no excuse for driving under the influence. Besides that, if due to any trace of illicit substances or prescription medications caused by faulty driving may lead to DUI charges. 

Arizona categorizes DUI violations into varying degrees of severity, starting with conventional DUIs as the least serious, followed by extreme DUIs and aggravated DUIs. 

It is worth noting that aggravated DUIs typically necessitate a previous DUI conviction, making them less common for first-time DUI offenders. Understanding these distinctions is crucial when confronting DUI allegations in Arizona.

Other DUI penalties in Arizona:

  1. Extreme DUI penalties

15% or higher blood alcohol level results in “extreme DUI” charges. First-time extreme DUI offenders are subject to:

  • Not below thirty days consecutively in jail
  • A fine of which is not less than $2,500
  • Mandatory alcohol screening/treatment/education
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device (which is certified) on any vehicle that you may drive
  • Community service.
  1. Aggravated DUI penalties

In specific situations following a first DUI arrest, prosecutors may file aggravated DUI charges. One of those circumstances is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a passenger under 15. Punishments for aggravated DUIs are incredibly severe and include:

  • Jail up to two years
  • Mandatory alcohol screening/treatment/ education
  • The same mandatory installation of ignition interlock device as in the above penalty
  • Community service.

Criminal sanctions for a DUI conviction include those that are mentioned above. However, a DUI arrest is also followed by “administrative” sanctions. For instance, a driver’s license suspension of 90 days is automatic for anyone detained for a first-time DUI in Arizona.

Whether a judge or jury finds you guilty is irrelevant; you can challenge an administrative license suspension in a different court case.

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