Weddings are special occasions and hosting an outdoor wedding means you need to have every small thing in place in order to organize it successfully. It also means a lot of creative freedom and you need to have a healthy share of rentals as well to bring your vision to life. Knowing where to start can feel a bit confusing but starting with the top-priority tasks, doing some research and choosing the right partners are the keys to success.

Selecting the right tent is one of those high-priority tasks you want to get right. While there are plenty of tents available in the market, our suggestion is to go for star-shaped tents. The star shades provide a lot of covered space with an elegant design that is suitable for wedding receptions. They are also easy to set up and are sturdy structures built to resist inclement weather, be it rain, sun or strong winds. 

Depending on the number of guests you are planning to invite, you can choose a single-pole tent or a two-pole tent.

In this blog, we will guide you through every step of the process and ensure you’re ready to host your guests on your big day. With our tents guide, you’ll have everything you need to know to comfortably host your outdoor tent wedding.

Determine your budget

The first step is determining your budget for the wedding. Tents range from heavy-duty canopies for a few hundred dollars to large pole tents that can accommodate hundreds of guests and provide an elegant venue for your big day. The number of tables ascertains the amount of square footage your wedding tent will need to cover. You must also consider and calculate extra tables and seating arrangements in your budget and then choose the right tent. 

Star tents are for all kinds of venues

One of the biggest pros of a star-shaped tent is that you can host your wedding practically anywhere! Whether you’re having an exquisite reception at a large venue, or simply putting on an intimate event for your close friends and family, a tent will help you achieve your desired wedding aesthetic. Some of the venues where you can install the star tents for your wedding are:

  • Backyard: If you’ve got the space, backyard weddings can be an ideal setting for your big day! You’ll not only be familiar with your venue, but will also likely to have a lot of extra room in the house for your entire bridal party to get ready. By installing a backyard tent, you can ensure the big day will be perfect, rain or shine, and still have an elegant feel to an intimate venue.
  • Beach: A beach wedding could be the perfect backdrop for your wedding. A good thing about beach weddings is many beaches are public and you might not have to pay a lot of money to book your venue. Moreover, you can choose not to spend a ton of money on decorations because your beach venue already has water as a beautiful backdrop! 
  • Garden/museum: If you’re looking for a vibrant beautiful outdoor venue on which you don’t have to shell out a ton of money, consider reaching out to any local gardens or museums in the area. Most of these places will have beautiful, pristine outdoor spaces that will give your wedding a magical feel.

Select the best tent size

While choosing your wedding tent size, it’s important that you consider that your guests should be comfortable inside the canopy and that all your vendors and equipment fit easily inside the tent. It is crucial to keep in mind that a small wedding tent might feel cramped, while a large tent size will feel empty and uninviting. A few key pointers in choosing the tent size are:

  • Anticipated number of guests
  • Tables and chairs
  • Dance floor
  • Stage, DJ booth, or band area 
  • Catering and bar area

Single pole tent:

As already mentioned, a single pole tent is relatively smaller in size compared to double pole tents. They are available in a selection of sizes starting from 20’ and can span up to a 52’ span shaded area. They come in a selection of colors and fabric types and are easy to set up and dismantle. The tent structures and the pole are made from aluminum that is fitted inside the roof. You can simply lift the pole into position and put the steel pins in the ground, adjust the ropes and you have your perfect wedding tent.

Two pole tent:

Two pole tents are ideal for wedding receptions as they can come in different sizes, including 44’x28’, 54’x34’, 62’x39’, and 72’x46’. They are highly flexible and offer you fantastic value. They are generally made with 100% polyester with PVC backing and are suitable to handle any kind of weather conditions. Like single pole tents, they are waterproof and wind and fire-resistant and are available in different colors. The best part about the tents is they are perfect for large events where you need to provide cover and a cool environment for big crowds.

Benefits of star-shaped wedding tents

There are plenty of new features and benefits that come with a star shaped tent wedding. The beauty and possibilities are endless…

  • Weather: Having a tent wedding is not only a great way to celebrate the big day and enjoy the beautiful weather but also have a place of shelter in case it starts to rain suddenly. If you get sidewalls, it can also stop any rain from blowing into the tent.
    Moreover, the tents are strong structures that are made to resist wind speeds of 40-60 miles per hour. However, you must take into account that tents are temporary structures and will not be as safe as a building. You can even install a heater or air-conditioner inside the tent to keep it at the perfect temperature!
  • Blank canvas: The star shades offer you a blank canvas that you can design according to your taste and vision. Indoor venues have their limitations because there are so many aspects you cannot change like the flooring, wall color, architecture, view, and layout. However, with a tent wedding, you can design the interiors according to your own liking to enjoy and celebrate your big day. 
  • Flexible: You can lay out a star-shaped tent however you like. You can serve dinner and cakes inside the tent but keep the drinks and dancing in the open air. You can also hang twinkling lights and enjoy the beauty of both the indoors and outdoors. 


It is crucial that you choose a wedding venue that is compatible with the use of a tent. Some of the factors you must consider are: 

  • Size: Ensure that the venue has enough space for your wedding tent and your guests can be seated comfortably. 
  • Location: The proximity to nearby buildings is important in addition to having enough perimeter space for stakes so that you can set up your tent on a flat surface. Before staking a tent, you must contact your local district or municipality and have the site checked for underground utilities.

These days, many manufacturers also give you the option of customizing star-shaped tents. So you can also avail tents with custom length, width, and height measurements.

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