How cremation process work 

Cremation refers to the process by which the body gets reduced through fire to ashes and bone fragments. From there, you can go ahead and embrace the ashes diamond process. The cremation process takes place at a crematorium, which might be affiliated to the funeral home or to the cemetery or might be a facility which is independent.

The cremation has become quite popular especially with the ash to diamond process. Two centuries ago, only few people embraced cremation. Nowadays, there are more people being cremated than buried especially in the USA.

One reason why majority of people are settling for cremation nowadays is because of the cost as it is cheaper than the traditional burial style.  Another factor is the environmental concern. With cremation, it is more environmental friendly as compared to burying the embalmed body with the burial vault and casket or the grave liner. 

Though cremation still has an environmental impact because there is the use of fuel in running the crematorium and there are the emissions of carbon because of the process, but it is on the minimal. 

And majority of religious nowadays do allow cremation which include the Christian denominations though there are exceptions and guidelines. The orthodox and Islam don’t permit cremation. If you have plans for a loved one’s funeral who wished to be cremated or pre-planning for yours, the following are some of the things to look at regarding on how the process entails:

Human body cremation

Before a body gets cremated, there are certain preparations to it. The body doesn’t have to be embalmed before cremation but it is optional. Prostheses, pacemakers and silicone implants have to be removed before the cremations. Also any other radioactive isotopes which might have been implanted in the body as part of the treatment of cancer. The body is then put in a container like a box or a casket.

The chamber for cremation, also referred to as a retort, gets prepared via having to hit it at about 1100 degrees Fahrenheit but it can be up to 2000 degrees when doing the cremation. The container that has the body is put on a device that has the capacity of being rolled in the retort. 

It is a single body which can be placed on the device at any given time with majority on the retorts being just large enough for a single body, lined with fiber bricks which are heat-retaining. The chamber for cremation currently in the market tend to be powered by use of natural gas, diesel, or propane.

The cremation process

Human body cremation does take about three hours to be complete. During the period, the liquid that is in the body becomes vapor before the remaining bones and tissue gets burned. It takes longest for the bones to get cremated. After the completion of the cremation, the retort gets cooled and the remains are then removed.

The bones will not be burned completely and they will retain the shape of the skeleton. Before it is given to the family to do with it whatever they want, the remains get crushed in a cremulator, reducing them to ashes and small fragments of bones. 

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