Questions to ask before you place an order on an online headshop

Online headshops are becoming popular due to the various benefits provided by them for cannabis consumers. A headshop is nothing but a store providing quality accessories like water pipes, bongs, dab rib, dab nail, and others used during smoking. An online headshop is a website letting people place orders on the desired products without visiting any physical shop. Even if your locality has no physical stores to offer such accessories, you can still get whatever you want with the service of an online headshop. All you should make sure of is the presence of an internet connection. However, you should not buy such products from a random site without checking a few things. Hence, it will be helpful if you ask the following questions to such a provider before placing your order. 

How is your headshop different from your competitors? 

There would be something unique in every outlet and you should ask the staff themselves. You will get to know the highlights of the specific store. Although some of them may be lies, you can get an overall idea about the store by asking such a question. Sometimes, you may even know something new that could be even more beneficial during your purchase. 

Will all the products listed on the website be available all the time? 

Some cannabis accessories sites will show tons of different containers and other smoking equipment on their websites. However, you will not be able to order them as they will not be in stock at the moment. So, you should not get lured into dealing with the shop with fake listings. Hence, it is better to ask about the availability of the listed products whenever you want. 

Could you show me some testimonials? 

If the past customers of the headshop are satisfied with the products, they must have given positive testimonials for the company. You can ask to see these testimonials and come to an idea of the reliability of the company. Most reliable shops will show you some reviews themselves. 

Is the delivery option available? 

The next question to ask is about the delivery facility. Almost all online headshops will offer the selected products to get delivered with all the shipping burdens on their shoulders. If they say that they can deliver, you should confirm whether there are any charges for the process. However, most suppliers would offer free delivery for the customers. 

Can I return the products in case of damages? 

Sometimes, your products will not be in perfect condition upon receipt. As you could not smoke with those accessories, you would look to return them and get cash. Sometimes, you can also replace the products. However, you should have asked them about the return policies and the possibility of replacing a damaged piece beforehand. 

Is your website safe and secure? 

You would not love to have your private information getting leaked to someone unnecessarily. So, you should ask and confirm whether the website is highly secured for data encryption with an SSL certificate to prevent such issues. 

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