Theatres for What?

The date 24th March in 2020 was one of the really impactful dates to be considered in the history of mankind. COVID-19 had started clenching the fear among the people of India and had just begun its journey to becoming one of the deadliest plagues in the history of pandemics.

Months after which companies were shut down, nationwide lockdowns for longer durations were consecutively being imposed which in result brought drought in the economic stability of the nation that was totally unexpected and which left the country in shambles.

Places such as Restaurants, Supermarkets, Malls, Theatres were shut down, and every individual residing in India was asked not to step out of the house unless in dire need of essential goods.

How did the entire nation cope up with this issue while sitting at home all day?

Entertainment was eagerly looked upon since movies that were already set to be released in theatres had begun to release on OTT platforms and other websites instead. They were able to enjoy a whole new way of watching fresh movies from their couches without having to pay unusually large amounts of money for a better ambiance, and munchies that were way too overpriced, to begin with.

Movierulz was one of the websites that allowed people to enjoy the newest movies of every language and genre, making it mandatory for people to visit the website every other day to enjoy a new movie. Making its place among the top websites that received a huge amount of traffic in the period of complete lockdown, Movierulz became a stop for the desperate movie break that made staying home for adults who claimed to be “workaholics” an easier task. 

By allowing the people with services like rating the movies, commenting, and even downloading the movies entirely, it made choosing what to watch every day easier for people. People could also surf through different genres and languages of movies which led them to learn something new and explore other types of movies that reflected the diverse culture of the nation in a much better way.

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