It’s summertime in Australia and you are hoping to enjoy yourselves under the shade of an outdoor umbrella in the sun. We all know that you are not only great planners but are also well aware of the benefits that a commercial umbrella can provide you. Even then, we can tell you that there could be a myriad of uses for an umbrella under whose shade you can enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends. 

In this blog, we tell you about a few benefits of outdoor restaurant umbrellas or cafe outdoor umbrellas that might surprise you… 

  1. Closer to nature: You might have a wonderful garden at your home and you could be proud of your gardening skills. But have you considered using a green outdoor umbrella and placing some chairs under it? We suggest you try it. It will make you feel closer to nature. You can spend your time reading books or sipping on some tea or coffee or simply unwind and while away your time. Nature lovers love this setup because it gives them a sense of peace and tranquillity.
  2. Enjoy the backyard: An umbrella is a must-have if you like spending time in your backyard or on the patio. Commercial umbrellas are easy to install so you can simply erect a device like a café outdoor umbrella over your patio table to keep yourself comfortable and protected from the harsh sun rays.
  3. Privacy: An umbrella offers you privacy all the time and not just from neighbours looking down on your outside space. If you use cantilever umbrellas, it is also all the more better because the articulating arm can rotate the umbrella to whichever direction you want to block. This is also a major reason why business enterprises or eateries that use outdoor restaurant umbrellas or cafe outdoor umbrellas are often preferred by people.
  4. Health: Too much sun in the summer can damage your skin and affect your health. In fact, according to the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, a small amount of sun can also cause harm. So a large outdoor umbrella can easily protect you from the UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun.
  5. Tilt factor: If you live in windy areas, you must always opt for wind-resistant umbrellas. You can also consider umbrellas with tilt and rotation mechanisms because they help in keeping the umbrella steady. So we suggest that instead of spending thousands of rupees on building permanent shade structures, you can always buy a more affordable option which is tilted umbrellas. These tilted umbrellas can be adjusted according to the wind and sun and can provide shade in different areas.
  6. Use for all seasons: You understand that having an umbrella in your garden or backyard or patio in the summer months is a must. But you can also use the same outdoor umbrella all year round. Imagine sitting outside in the winter and photographing a sunset while it’s snowing. A large umbrella can shield you from the snow and allow you to use your outside space during any season.
  7. Temperature: It feels cooler in the shade of an umbrella because the device is blocking the sun’s rays from penetrating its canopy. So if you are living in an area that gets extremely hot in the summer, an umbrella could make a huge difference.
  8. Pets: It’s not only you who’s feeling the heat. Your pets too can get uncomfortable under the blazing sun. For example, too much sun is quite harmful to dog breeds with flat faces like bulldogs. So an umbrella will provide them with a spot where they can cool off.
  9. Protect your devices: Many of us like to work outdoors — be it our own residential space or commercial space —  under the cool shade of an umbrella. While you might not realise it, outdoor restaurant umbrellas or cafe outdoor umbrellas are protecting devices like your laptop or phone, or tablet from getting too hot.
  10. Protect furniture: Over time, your furniture will get damaged and destroyed if they are overexposed to the sun. Tables and cushions are also likely to fade out quickly. But keeping these pieces of furniture under an outdoor umbrella and protecting them from the sun will make them last longer.
  11. Décor: An umbrella can improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space. A good-looking and nicely designed umbrella can look classy and add a modern touch to the décor.
  12. Night-time use: Who said umbrellas can only be used during the day? You can easily spruce up your commercial umbrella by adding lights and creating a beautiful outdoor space for night-time use. The shaded area can be used for hosting a party, having a drink, reading, or simply having a chat with friends and family.


Using an umbrella will help define your outdoor space. You can use the outdoor umbrella for different reasons but we will advise you to always go for a good quality umbrella that will last long. 

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