Tips to Grow Business through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of social media used by many people to support their business and networking. The online business networking tool has made many people meet and make connections. The connections then grow to be business relationship, networking and so on. For those who are seeking a job or looking for potential employees, LinkedIn is also a great place to find. Besides, many people also get the advantages as the very effective sales and marketing tool. If you are going to grow business through LinkedIn leverage, a few tips below may help.

Complete Your Profile Information on LinkedIn

The statistics of LinkedIn show that the users that complete their profile information up to 100% are more likely to get Profile Page view; it is 46% more often than those who don’t compete their profile. You will get many more opportunities with the more complete profile information. Additionally, you also must upload your professional photo.

Build 500 or More Connections

Having many connections and always stay connected with them is an influential strategy in business marketing. This is also about the LinkedIn leverage you got. Building a strong network will make you are known by many more people, finding influencers, and securing the clients.

Using the Alumni Groups in LinkedIn

If you join Alumni Groups in LinkedIn, you will reconnect to those who know you well. By knowing your quality, they will help you growing the business; by becoming your customers or introducing you to potential customers. You could have other opportunities to expand the connections.

Get Testimonials from Clients or Others

Potential clients are probable to scan LinkedIn testimonials about you before they consider to hire you or reading your Profile Page entirely. Write 25 top skills or more to endorse in the LinkedIn and place the best skills on the top. The testimonials or LinkedIn Endorsement will become the place where prospects meet you.

Use Home Page on LinkedIn to Share Information

The Home Page is not always useful for profile updates. You also can use this LinkedIn leverage to upload tips, resources, or other information like articles and whitepapers. It will be a great but hidden marketing strategy.

Join 10 Groups on LinkedIn

As a beginner, you just need to join 10 groups from 50 encouraged by LinkedIn. Only give comments when you have valued materials to discuss or information to share. Visit the group and share something regularly; at least three days in a week, so you are always active. 8:00 am is the best time to participate on group and don’t forget to say thanks for every comment of the people.

Show Up Your Skills

Show your skills by uploading your works in presentation slideshows, PDFs, videos or audio files. This LinkedIn leverage is great to make potential brands and clients see your quality and expertise.

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