Find out how ITIL certification helps in your career growth 

Information Technology has become a part of our lives in many different ways. From gadgets to everyday services like telecom, everything runs on the principles of IT. It is a beneficial sector, both in terms of popularity and employment options. IT sector is currently one of the most profitable industries to get employed in because of the numerous benefits it has to offer.

Job security is one of the reasons why many people choose an IT job as a significant career option. There are many instances where the top-paying posts of the world have always been related to IT. So, if you get a job in any IT branch, you will have job security and stability. 

How to begin your IT career

To enter a career in IT, you need a relevant certification. There are many certifications which will help you get a suitable job in IT. Among them, ITIL is the most pertinent. To become an IT professional, you need useful certifications. Certifications are the surest way of convincing someone of your skills. It will validate your talent and make you understand the underlying principles of the domain. The world needs talented IT professionals who will be able to resolve all the network issues.

ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is one of the best IT certifications. For long, ITIL has been helping individuals earn their places in IT industries by equipping them with practical skills and techniques. Becoming an ITIL certified professional has a lot of benefits. You will be able to get a reputed job in any industry you want. There are plenty of job positions that specifically mention ITIL as a prerequisite. To get a job in any IT firm, you must have a relevant certification. ITIL is the best certification for a career in IT because it is a beginner’s level accreditation, and you can gradually build your career with it. 

Why is ITIL important for your career?

ITIL best practices are beneficial for every organization because they can re-build any company and propel their projects towards increased profits. After getting an ITIL certification, you will be able to plan and deliver effective IT products. 

Although ITIL concepts were designed for the IT sector, its practices can be implemented in any business organization. The core principles of ITIL can be applied to any organization. You will get immense benefits by becoming an ITIL certified professional. Even some universities have adopted ITIL into their learning modules to make students learn the principles of management early on in their careers. 

Major companies in the world are using ITIL principles in their services. So, you will have the edge over non-certified candidates while applying for their jobs.

Who should get an ITIL certification?

ITIL certification is meant for everyone. You need to pass the foundation level to progress to further levels. There are no prerequisites to appear for the ITIL Foundation level examination. It would help if you got acquainted with ITIL principles to utilize the full benefits of this certification.

The people who can achieve maximum advantages from this certification are given below by Sprintzeal.

• If you have been a business professional for most of your life, and are now wishing to jump into IT, the ITIL certification will be best for you.

• People associated with ITSM will also get the maximum benefits by getting an ITIL certification.

• IT professionals who want to boost their careers and get professionals will also be benefitted from ITIL.

According to a study of different management level professionals having a certification, it was found that people having an ITIL certification are paid more than their non-certified counterparts. The average annual salary of an ITIL professional can go up to $100,000. 

Levels of ITIL certification

There are four levels of ITIL, and each level deals with a specific area of ITIL. The first level is the foundation level and is the most basic level of certification. The second level is known as the ITIL intermediate level and focuses on ITIL services and lifecycle. There is a third level known as the ITIL expert level, that deals with the advanced practical knowledge of ITIL principles. Fourth and the final level of ITIL certification is the ITIL master level. 

ITIL certification will boost your career and make you employable in top IT organizations. It would add value to your resume and convince recruiters that you are the best person.

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