Youtube offers the Tool Translator for the video creator

The popular and famous video sharing sites, Youtube, has been launched a new set of a tool to help the creator to add their attraction aspect. Many Yputube users are really enthusiastic and they are so curious about this new tool from Youtube as a big Social media that is used by a lot of people in all over the world. This tool is offering the translation service for the Video. All the “Youtuber”, the youtube’s users are usually called, are now can track the subtitle from the viewers of their video contents and also get the professional translation for the title and their content’s description through the new market place that is supported by Youtube.

This tool is launched not long after Youtube announced their new subscription service that is free from the advertisement, the Youtube Red. So, this new set of a tool is can be a way from Youtube to show the value of the potential viewers and also the video’s stars.

There are some accounts that are an example of this case. A Youtube account named VICE is one of the examples. This account is used as an example that is representing how a translated video is can increase the amount of the viewers and of course it will give the good advantages for the video creator. This thing is can be seen from the daily watch time from its canal is increased even twice from the previous numbers when the video was translated into the Spain and Portuguese language. So, it is clearly shown that the video translator feature service from Youtube is having a great advantages for an account or a video creator.

”We offer a law help for some video that we are believed represent the fair and clear usage, which is made by DMCA. With the agreement of the video’s creators, we will keep the video to stay alive in the United States Youtube, show it on the Youtube Copy right center as the strong example of the fair usage and we pay all the fees from every law problem of the copy right aspect that they made.”
”We did this because we realize that the creators are could be intimidated of the acknowledgment process from the DMCA and for every potency of every litigation that is came together with that thing”.

The Giant searching company, Google, said that they will consider making a demo in order to help the video creators on Youtube and also the copy right industry. Besides of this advantage, Google is also want to give a good understanding that how the fair usage is can be placed appropriately in the Industry.

In fact, this Video Transalator feature service that is launched by Youtube is can give many important and useful advantages for the Youtube users. With the translated video, there is more chance for you to get more viewers. So, if you were one of the Youtube users, you can be considering using this tool to get more viewers that watch your videos.

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